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Encouraging Practice

Parents know all too well the amount of distractions that are out there for kids these days.  Sometimes practicing a musical instrument gets put aside when things like video games take over our lives.  Here are three tips that I have found encourage more practice.

1.     Set a time for practice every day.

If practicing happens every day at 3:00, it feels like a ritual and becomes habitual.

2.     Make it fun!

This is music, and bottom line, it is a fun activity.  If you use the same tone to say it is time to practice as you do it is time to clean your room, it will feel like a chore and kids will not feel motivated to play.  Playing games related to practicing (i.e. roll dice for repetitions) and having a good time translates quite well.  If your child’s attention span is wandering that day, move on to something else such as singing a song or playing rhythms (just keep it musical).

3.     Get involved

Kids love showing their parents what they are doing.  Showing interest and being involved really encourages kids to do more especially in very young students.  Just asking to hear a song they are playing or praising their achievements can really provide a great deal of encouragement.

John and a student playing together in Mechanicsville, VA