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Suzuki Guitar Method

The Suzuki method is a wonderful and fun way to learn the guitar from a very young age.  Here are a few frequently asked questions that can help define what the Suzuki method is.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to know some more information.
Kids in a Suzuki Guitar Lesson in Palmyra VA in Fluvanna

What is the Suzuki method?

The Suzuki method was originally developed for young violin students by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in Japan.  Young children learn to play an instrument through listening and playing repetitions much in the same way that they learn to develop language.

How old are most Suzuki students?

At the Holt Guitar Studio, our Suzuki students range in age between 4 and 12.

Is there set repertoire that kids learn?

Yes, and the music is a lot of fun to listen to!  The great thing about having a common repertoire is when we get together as a group, we all know many of the same songs and can play together.

Is there parental involvement using the Suzuki method?

Often called the home teachers, a parent attends lessons with their child to learn the basics about playing the guitar.  The Suzuki method thrives on parental encouragement and involvement. 

A 30 minute lesson seems like a long time for my child to concentrate on playing guitar, how are they able to focus?

This question is asked frequently.  Generally, we do not only play the guitar for an entire lesson.  We will play games that help develop a child’s coordination, rhythm, and pitch.  Parents learn from many of these games and play them at a home.  The result is a strengthening of family bonds while the child is learning to be attentive and play beautiful music. 99.9% of the time a child's attention span and concentration increase as they grow using this method.
Aiden having fun during a Suzuki guitar lesson

Is it difficult to find a guitar that is the right size for my child?

It has never been easier!  Contact us today to ask about guitar sizes but there are many options available at affordable prices.

What do you enjoy most about teaching young students using the Suzuki guitar method?

Starting an instrument at an early age helps a child develop coordination, discipline, confidence, concentration, creativity, imagination, and problem solving.  Developing the whole child as Dr. Suzuki called it, is something we take pride in as our students grow.